Braces FAQ - Part 6

About the Website

Who owns is owned, designed, maintained, edited, and mostly written by me, Lynn S., a 50-something mother of two in Northern California, who recently had braces for almost three years (I now wear Hawley retainers at night). is a non-commercial website. It is owned by a person, not by a company or an organization. The website accepts advertising to help cover hosting costs, but that is separate from the editorial content. At this point, I will also admit that needs a design overhaul, but it's a huge job because this site has hundreds of pages! Sometime in the near future, I plan to hire a crackerjack web designer to help bring our website up to more modern design standards. In the mean time, please bear with us!

I created this website because I thought there was a need for orthodontic information specifically for adults. I felt so alone in the experience when I first had my braces put on and wanted some support. When I first began my Braces Journal, I had no idea that there were thousands of adults who felt the same way I did!

Since the inception of this website in late 2001 (back then it just consisted of my braces journal), I have received dozens of emails and guestbook entries stating how helpful this site is, and how it has eased many an anxious mind. That makes me very happy and proud, because I created this site to help people. As time permits, I continue to add articles and information.

I am not a doctor or a dentist, but I do know a lot about braces from my own personal experience and from reading the comments and questions of members on's message board. I used to be a technical writer and trainer (software manuals and courses), and before that I worked in corporate communications. I have a college degree in communications and journalism. In my free time (what little there is of it) I write poetry and songs, and do my best to keep my busy household of two kids in order! I also manage the day to day operations of ArchWired's sister website, (more on that below).

Input to from dental professionals -- whether they be dentists, hygienists, technicians, assistants, orthodontists, oral surgeons, etc. -- is always welcomed. I like to think of as an open world-wide internet community where we can exchange patient-oriented orthodontic information and support each other.

Does ArchWired endorse any products, services, or dentists? has some advertising, but this should not be confused with endorsement. I strive to keep a non-biased web site. There is only one product that overtly endorses. That product is DentaKit Braces Survival Kit, which I created six months after getting braces and realizing a need for such a product.

I created the web store for selling that Braces Survival Kit. Over time, has expanded to carry more than 80 helpful products for people with braces and retainers -- some not found in any other stores. And we've sold our products to people in more than 55 countries across the globe!

Does the owner of have a braces fetish?

(Sigh) No, she does not -- never has and never will.

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